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Developing a Concrete Imagination. . .

Concrete is usually associated with roads, buildings and cold, gray sidewalks. It is arguably the world’s greatest construction material and for thousands of years it has been restricted to this rather plain, industrious existence.

Many of us have some not so fond memories of concrete. Most have crashed a bicycle on it, many have had the pleasure of attempting to mix it in an awkward and undersized wheel barrow and many have found themselves practically knee deep in it while attempting to harness its stressing power.  To be honest, most have little or no affinity for concrete. I must admit, I once felt the very same way. In fact, I recall saying that working with concrete was something I would never want to do. Oh, how things can change...

For the last 8 years I have not been able to stay away from concrete.  I agree, concrete is a wonderful construction material, but I also believe concrete to be an excellent artisans' medium.

 I am also excited and proud to be focusing on recycled glass mixes: combining the  sustainability of recycled glass with concrete's versatility to provide beautiful, unique and eco-friendly designs.

Thank you for your interest in my work.